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Sur­vival from out-of-hospital ven­tric­u­lar fib­ril­la­tion car­diac arrest is extremely vari­able through­out Europe with high sur­vival rates of more than 50% and low survival rates with single digit percentages. Even more fun­da­men­tal is the fact that only very few com­mu­ni­ties in Europe have rig­or­ously mea­sured and reported their sur­vival rates. Most com­mu­ni­ties have no idea how they are per­form­ing in terms of man­ag­ing sud­den car­diac arrest. Why is this? There are answers. As proven in several communities within Europe, like Stavanger/Norway, Canton Ticino/Switzerland, Helsinki/Finland, etc. man­agers and direc­tors of EMS sys­tems can learn the steps they need to take to improve survival.

The goal of the European Resus­ci­ta­tion Acad­emy is to improve sur­vival from cardiac arrest. This will be achieved through the enroll­ment of EMS man­agers, EMS direc­tors and EMS med­ical direc­tors, in a pro­gram con­ducted by the European Resuscitation Academy and the local host community.

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